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Way back in time before the onset of adulthood I enjoyed countless days heading into the hills of Yorkshire with nothing more than a squashed sandwich & youthful sense for adventure! Despite long past youthful and work commitments keeping me in the city, the sense of adventure and love for the outdoors never left me. After digging my boots out and returning to the hills I attended a number of courses to improve my hill knowledge and skill base, during one of these courses it was suggested I join the Mountain Leader Training scheme and was delighted go on to gain the MOUNTAIN LEADER Award in April 2012. As well as spending time on the hills and mountains of the UK I have also enjoyed trips to the Nepalese Himalaya, Swiss & French Alps, Mallorca’s Tramuntana, Andorran & French Pyrenees, Morocco’s High Atlas, Tanzania’s Mt Meru & Kilimanjaro, Argentinian & Chilean Patagonia and winter expeditions to Norway’s Hardangervidda. Since gaining the ML I have also gained the SINGLE PITCH AWARD, INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN LEADER AWARD and the WINTER MOUNTAIN LEADER AWARD. I am now enjoying working in a freelance role whilst trying to get out climbing as much as possible.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

In Gods Country

 Monday 16th of May I made a long overdue return to Wharfedale in the Yorkshire Dales.
 I have recently started taking friends and work mates out on hill/mountain routes as and when I have been available.
 Firstly it gives me an excuse to get out and do what I love but it also give people who I have known whilst I have been going through various Mountain Training schemes a chance to spend some time doing something they may not have otherwise tried to.

 Ryann had been 'peckering' me to take him out for years and Isabel had mentioned a couple of times that she would like to 'get outdoors', when the opportunity arose they jumped at it.
 I chose a route in Wharfedale in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, we would leave Buckden village and head up to Buckden Pike before descending to Starbotton and making our way back to Buckden alongside the River Wharfe. The route would be manageable for my 'newbie' walkers whilst giving excellent views over the Dales due to the good weather.
 I also personally wanted to be in the Dales as it was here my love of the outdoors and the hills was first born. As I have progressed through training schemes and qualifications time has been spent away in other areas around the UK and foreign mountain ranges but, as I commented to Isabel and Ryann during the day, I was as happy to be walking in the Yorkshire Dales as I was to be walking in Patagonia - it's a 'Gods Own Country' thing!

They both seemed to be enjoying the day....
 Enjoying fine weather we made our way to Buckden Pike before climbing the 'broken stile' and passing the Polish War memorial to an aircrew that crashed on the hill in 1943, before heading to Starbotton.
 Isabel and Ryann were great company and having known them both for quite a few years the 'banter' was excellent.
 The route took us a little over 5hrs but seemed to go in a flash due in no small part to the excellent scenery, weather and the company!

Hope to see both Isabel and Ryann out on the hill again soon, thanks for making s great day X

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